How to Wear Your Favorite Sports Hat

As you suspected, baseball hats did not come into existence until the invention of baseball. The first baseball hat didn't appear until 1860. For the first 50 years of its existence, only baseball players wore baseball hats. However, TVs brought the sports hat into American homes, and many wanted to try it for themselves. Sports Fanz is an online sports memorabilia store that offers a plethora of sports hats to choose from. Below, learn some tips for wearing your favorite sports hat, and shop online today!

Choose Your Style

Sports hats come in many different styles. The snapback hat is what Major Leaguers wear. The strapback hat has an adjustable strap in the back. Fitted caps cannot be adjusted. The dad hat is focused on function rather than form. The premium caps are made by name-brand designers, and the trucker hat features a mesh snapback. 

Ensure a Good Fit

Constantly adjusting your hat is not all that much fun. You'll want to ensure a good fit, which is where the sports hat feels snug, but does not need adjusting or is in danger of falling off. Rule of thumb: if you remove your sports hat and you have a red mark, you were wearing it too tight.

"Keep it Simple" Applies to Sports Hats

Some sports hats can get quite elaborate with many different colors and patterns that can be hard to match. By keeping your sports hat simple, such as with a simple black or white sports hat with a team logo, it will look good with any outfit you choose.

Keep it Clean

This tip for sports hats should go without saying, but many people simply forget to wash their sports hats, and if there is a lot of sweat and grime build-up, it can look particularly bad. Remember to wash your sports hat on a regular basis to keep it new and fresh looking all the time.


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