Appalachian State Mountaineers Kidd Brewer Stadium Twilight Panoramic Picture


Brand: Blakeway

Product Description

This panorama, taken by James Blakeway, highlights the on-field action of the Appalachian State Mountaineers football team as they play their season home opener at Kidd Brewer Stadium. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Kidd Brewer Stadium is considered one of college football's most picturesque settings. The Stadium opened in 1962 as Conrad Stadium and was renamed in 1988, in honor of Kidd Brewer. Nicknamed "The Rock," it officially seats 24,050 fans, though frequently holds more than 30,000 spectators. The Mountaineers were the NCAA Division I Football National Champions from 2005-2007.

  • All of our panoramic prints measure 13.5 x 40 inches and use Grade A, pH neutral, heavy art stock
  • High quality panoramic picture frames covered with tempered glass
  • Prints mounted and backed with foam core to prevent future warping from atmospheric and seasonal changes
  • Standard and Deluxe Panoramic Picture Frames available for licensed and non-licensed panoramas
  • Standard frame outside dimensions are 13.75 x 40.25 inches. The panoramic frame measures 7/8 inches out from the wall and is 3/8 inches wide with a rounded profile (front).
  • Outside dimensions are 18 x 44 inches. The panoramic frame measures 7/8 inches out from the wall and is 1 1/4 inches wide with a custom sculpted profile (front). Two mats in appropriate colors make the Deluxe Frame really stand out, particularly for fans proclaiming their team enthusiasm.

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