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The Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the National Hockey League's most exciting teams, opened their spectacular new arena, CONSOL Energy Center, in 2010-11.  The Penguins have made their mark in history by capturing multiple Stanley Cup Championships, and have built a strong nucleus to challenge for more titles.  A franchise rich in history has enjoyed some of the greatest players to lace up the skates.  This panorama was taken by Christopher Gjevre during the Penguins' inaugural season in their new arena.

  • All of our panoramic prints measure 13.5 x 40 inches and use Grade A, pH neutral, heavy art stock
  • High quality panoramic picture frames covered with tempered glass
  • Prints mounted and backed with foam core to prevent future warping from atmospheric and seasonal changes
  • Standard and Deluxe Panoramic Picture Frames available for licensed and non-licensed panoramas
  • Standard frame outside dimensions are 13.75 x 40.25 inches. The panoramic frame measures 7/8 inches out from the wall and is 3/8 inches wide with a rounded profile (front).
  • Outside dimensions are 18 x 44 inches. The panoramic frame measures 7/8 inches out from the wall and is 1 1/4 inches wide with a custom sculpted profile (front). Two mats in appropriate colors make the Deluxe Frame really stand out, particularly for fans proclaiming their team enthusiasm.


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